Scams and Alerts

Blue Ridge Bank and Trust Co. will NEVER ask you to verify personal information via e-mail, nor will we call you and request information over the telephone. Read emails carefully and do not click on any links you are unsure about.

If you believe you have responded to a fraudulent email or have given your personal information to a scammer, contact our Customer Service Center at 816-795-9933.


Funeral Notification Scam 2-12-14

Email users are increasingly savvy about spotting scam messages. So scammers are always on the hunt for new ways to evade the “delete” button. This scam email, disguised as a funeral notification, reaches a new low.

How the Scam Works:

You receive an email with the subject line “funeral notification.” The message appears to be from a funeral home in Texas, but it could be from anywhere. The email invites you of an upcoming “celebration of your friends life service.” The email looks real. It uses the business’s actual colors and logo.

The email instructs you to click a link to view the invitation and “more detailed information about the farewell ceremony.” But instead of pointing to the funeral home’s website, it sends you to a foreign domain. Scammers place malware on these third party websites that downloads to your computer, giving scammers access to information on your machine.

As usual, watch for scammers changing up this con. They may hijack a different funeral home’s name and/or change their message.



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