Couple looking over a bank statement and expenditures.

Fee Schedule

These Rates are effective May 1, 2019. All prices are subject to change.
ATM/Debit MasterCard®
First Card No Charge
First Replacement Card No Charge
Additional Replacement Cards $10
Withdrawal at our ATM No Charge
Balance Inquiry at our ATM No Charge
Withdrawal at Foreign ATM $2 per withdrawal
Balance Inquiry at Foreign ATM $2 per inquiry
Service Fees
Account Closing $25 if closed within 180 days of account opening
Negative Balance Closeout Fee $25 per account for charging off a negative balance in excess of $100
Cashier's Checks (per check) $5
Coin Counting
Customer No charge
Non-Customer 10% of coin total
Collection Fees
Incoming $15 per item
Outgoing $15 per item
Bond Coupon $8 per envelope
Checks $2 for each copy over two per month
Statement $2 per statement
Other $0.25 per copy
Custom Services (Fee per hour) $25 per hour, $12.50 minimum
Deposit Items Returned Fee

Fee per item $5
Special Handling $2 per additional item
Dormant Service Charge
Checking $5 per month if inactive for 1 year & balance is $500 or less
Savings $3 per month if inactive for 2 years & balance is $100 or less
Incoming $3 per draft
Outgoing $3 per draft
Local $0.50 per page
Long Distance $1 per page
Garnishment/Levy Per Order $100
Gift Card (VISA®) Per Card $3
Money Orders Per Money Order $3
Night Deposit Service

Zipper Bag $5 per bag
Lock Bag $20 per bag
Notary Service

Customer  No Charge
Non-Customer $2 per signature
NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds)
Bounce Protection Paid Item Fee $30
NSF Paid or Return Item Fee $30
Continuous Overdraft $5 per day after 5 business days
Online Banking
Online Banking No Charge
Bill Pay No Charge
e-Statements No Charge
Return Mail
Per Account $3 for processing return mail
Special Handling $5 per monthly statement
Temporary $2 per statement
Stop Payment Fee
Each Stop Payment $30
Telephone Transfer
Each Transfer $2
Customer Wire Transfers
Incoming $10
Outgoing $30
International $55

Box Size Standard Fee Discounted Fee with Auto-Pay
3 x 5 $30 $25
5 x 5 $40 $35
3 x 10
$50 $45
5 x 10
$70 $65
8 x 10
$80 $75
10 x 10
$90 $85
$10 Key Deposit
$125 Non-Emergency Drill
$150 Emergency Drill
Not all sizes available at all locations.